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  • Cameron

    Hey Satvik,
    Just wanted to say thank you. Came across your blog today (can’t even remember how, I think via a Quora answer of yours regarding how you got into data science), anyways, read through your blog and after reading your post about happiness decided I ought to send you a thank you. I picked up at least 3-4 solid ideas from reading your writing (understand needs, decision trees, and more) and also just really appreciate your style. I guess it’s because it’s not only insightful but also seems very genuinely intended to be helpful, rather than the intention being solely exposure or increasing followers or something. I just dig it haha. Keep doing what you’re doing! And thanks!
    Also, the decision method you suggested I really like. I read a lot of psychology and neuroscience as well, and so I can appreciate the wisdom of it, and it reminds me of how unstructured interviews of job candidates are mostly useless, but structured interviews based on specific, pre-determined job-task related questions is very useful, because it forces your judgement on the important stuff, rather than just a free-form interview and evaluating mostly on overall ‘feeling’/’intuition’ and open to huge bias and inaccuracy.
    Anyways, best of luck.
    p.s. Youre not iranian are you?

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