Intelligence is a Skill

The fastest way to get smarter is to adopt the following mindset: intelligence is a skill.

You can train your brain to be more receptive to new ideas, so that you don’t go through automatic reactions that slow down your learning.

You can remove unnecessary fluff from material, so that your brain is twice as effective-and ten times faster-at building on chains of related knowledge.

You can learn how to identify high-level patterns faster, and to connect new knowledge to what you already know to immediately develop intuition about unfamiliar information.

You can improve your focus to tap into the incredible power of your subconscious thought, to process learnings and generate creative ideas ten times faster.

You can understand the concept of myelination, and how practice can allow experts to create complex solutions so quickly.

You can remove any anxiety you may have when learning, which can make the difference between a genius and someone who “just can’t do math/languages/music/art.”

Learn to combine all of these notions, and your sheer ability to learn and come up with new ideas will massively increase. But as long as you believe that your intelligence is fixed, it will be. The best thing you can do for your brarin is to accept that intelligence is malleable, that you can get smarter, and that you will learn to learn.

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